The pricing for your custom skateboard wheels will be determined by the overall design of your wheels, along with the quantity of wheels you wish to purchase. Some of the options available include additional costs. The pricing information below is to give you an idea of our prices. The best way to know the price of your order is to complete the order process and see the price in your checkout cart.

Base Price

Base price is determined by the size of your wheels, and the quantity you would like to purchase. Please find the base price table below.

Quantity 38mm – 52mm 53mm – 54mm 55mm – 57mm 58mm – 60mm 61mm – 64mm
500 $3.66 $3.72 $3.84 $4.20 $4.62
1000 – 1999 $3.54 $3.60 $3.72 $4.08 $4.50

For orders above 2,000 wheels, please contact us at

Additional Options

Our flexible manufacturing process allows you to customize just about any feature of your skateboard wheels to fit your customers’ riding style and your brand image. You can find the pricing for some of these options below.

Category Option Additional Price
Shape Different back side shape +$0.30 per wheel
Wheel Color Single color wheel (other than natural) +$0.06 per wheel
Two-color swirl +$0.25 per wheel
Formula 83 44mm – 52mm +$0.24 per wheel
53mm – 54mm +$0.30 per wheel
55mm – 57mm +$0.42 per wheel
58mm – 64mm +$0.48 per wheel
 Packaging Insert Inclusions +$0.05 per wheel

Artwork Pricing

Our proprietary printing process allows you to fully customize the artwork of your wheels to match your brand identity and keep up with market trends. Below you can find the prices associated with the printing process.

Artwork Colors  One-Time Price
Artwork Setup Fee $150

If you reorder the same custom wheels in the future your printing will be available for reuse at no additional cost. If you change anything about your wheels, including shape, size or printed artwork, you may be required to purchase new printing plates.

Printing Options Price
No printing -$0.15 per wheel
Printing on back of wheel +$0.30 per wheel

This information is provided for your convenience. The best way to know the price of your custom wheels is to go through the order process and see the price in your checkout cart. For more information on our pricing policies, please refer to our Terms of Service.